6 Tools on your facebook page message box to maximise on

Facebook tools to help grow your business

With the growing trend of online business, both big and small business owners are faced with the challenge of engaging, interacting and attending to multiple customer requests and inquiries across social media. Luckily, if you’re a business owner and you manage a facebook page, here’s what you need to know about tools in your message box that will change the way you do business on Facebook.

Features of your Message box


On the about section of your message box, you can create a contact list with detail.s like email and phone number as an addition to those details you already have. This will help you create an email marketing list going into your email marketing strategy.


As your messaging list grows and you further interact with potential clients, you will benefit from assigning labels to each conversation. As they go through your sales funnel you might change labels ranging from new customer to important customer. This will help you keep track of which customers to prioritize with which information.

Business suite

Probably the most important feature on your message box which allows you to manage both accounts at the same time. Now you can have your instagram direct messages,notifications and alerts filter on to your facebook message box. You can respond to messages from both platform at the same time. This will make getting back to your customers easier and faster, with less the hustle of logging on to your instagram account

Away message

Automation is the future of every digital platform. When you are not available online, use the away message to keep your visitors engaged. Your message box allows you to  tailor this message to suite your target audience.


This feature allows you to add any additional information pertaining to your interaction with the customer. Should a customer request any specific additions to a service, or ask for a particular service, you can add it on there. This helps when there are multiple people managing the account they can understand the where the customer is on the sales funnel.


This feature is important as the interactions on the page increase. It allows you to keep track of what service you have provided to a customer as yet. Better yet it helps Facebook give you accurate insight of how much business you actually get from your page. This is the best tool to keep track of the revenue you generate on facebook.

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