5 key elements your website must have

More and more business are building their presence online, given the ongoing pandemic. With today’s consumer, engagement, entertainment and brand preference take more that the creative design elements of a website. As a business owner it is important that your website wins you a share of the market. At Afrluent Media we incorporate these key elements into our designs to ensure that your business is noticeable.

1. Visual design

It matters how your website looks

This is top of the list because human beings are visually oriented. They will buy into the business at first glance, and your website has 1/10th of a second to make that impression to your visitor. You only have that time to show what your business is for your visitors to trust you. This is not to say go overboard with design elements – videos, animations, scrolling text and banners should all be used sparingly to generate interest. This also follows that your site must be adequately branded, visitors have to know instantly that this is your business just by opening the landing page. This aids in memorability and credibility of your brand. Your visitor must be able to make a connection with your other marketing elements such as print, store branding and on social media.

2. Content

What do you want to say to your audience?

Over and above how it looks, the consumer wants to know “what’s in it”. This is the backbone of your website, the flour to your bread, and there is no bread without flour. Not only is your content important in your ranking against other websites online, it is the reason why your visitors are there in the fist place. Therefore, it should be informative, easy to read and straight to the point in most cases. Content that is well curated, and supported by a sound strategy will make your website popular for particular searches, engaging to your visitors and value adding.

3. Navigation

Where does a visitor find what they are looking for?

Now that you know what’s in it, it is important that it is found in the right places and exactly where you tell you visitor that it will be. All your menu items must be activated and linked to the correct pages. Say a visitor just needs to find your phone number, put it in plain site and make it easily accessible to the visitor. We’ve all been through un-clickable links, pages that won’t open and all this leads to a frustrated visitor and a frustrated visitor will leave and never come back. It is important to remember that visitors don’t have time to be digging through every page of your site for the important information. How do you keep your visitor engaged and going through the pages, make it simple and easy! 

4. Intuitiveness

Do you know what people will come looking for on your site?

There really is a psychology to everything. As much as every business tries to anticipate what its customers want and tailor-make its products or services to suit that, your website must do that, online! A good website is optimized for search and gives the visitor exactly what they are looking for. As opposed to having a visitor go through your long list of services or products just to find the one they want, send them directly through as easy click.  A search button is a key element of every web design process as elementary as it sounds. Most visitors don’t want to spend too much time in one place, the easier it is to get what they want the more conversion you will get as a business.

5. Conversion

Is it worth the visitors’ money?

Simply put, this is when clients get in touch with you from your website. How do you get more of that? When visitors find value in your offering, and they trust that you can meet their needs, they definitely get in touch. The above four elements if well executed by your web developer will definitely yield results for you. In essence, primary emphasis must be placed in new clients, new visitors to your site. This means that, when you design your site, make sure you are structuring it in a way that a person who’s never seen your business before can understand what you are about and be willing to pay for it in less than a minute.

Remember, your online business will last as long as your relationship with your site developer. Choose them wisely.

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